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Answers to Your Mortgage Concerns

I’m worried about hidden fees.

At Loan One, a division of The Union Bank Company, we employ a straight forward approach to loans which is why we can offer some of the industry’s lowest interest rates. In addition, we even offer loans without application fees and our closing fees are low. . There are, however, some fees that are beyond our control when it comes to home buying, but we’ll always work with you to figure out the best approach to pay these off. If you’re interested in learning about these fees, please visit our Settlement Costs page.

I want better interest rates.

We can assure you Loan One’s mortgage rates are some of the lowest in the industry. In addition to low rates, we do not require an application fee, which helps you save when applying for a mortgage.. Check out some other reasons why we beat out other lenders on our Why Loan One page.

I’m not sure how to apply for a Mortgage.

It’s no secret that applying for a mortgage can be a complicated process. To help you better understand the process, we’ve created Our Mortgage 101  guide, which covers topics including Mortgage Jargon and Loan FAQs, a Mortgage Application Checklist, and tips for repairing your Credit Score, if you’re not yet ready to take that next step.

I’m not comfortable applying for a mortgage online.

Applying for a loan online through Loan One is a fast, secure and reliable process. Your personal data will never be compromised. If you’re still unsure about applying online, call or visit one of our two offices. Detailed contact information can be found on Loan One’s Contact Us page.

I’m not sure I can afford the monthly payments.

With home mortgages, there’s no one-size-fits-all loan, and we understand that. Loan One offers mortgages that be customized to fit suit your needs, including fixed- and adjustable-rate, 15- and 30-year mortgages. We can figure something out for you. Take a look at our Mortgage Calculator to figure out what your monthly payments would be, depending on the type of loan you choose.

I’m worried about being scammed.

We understand that you have to be more skeptical than ever before when dealing with a company on the internet. Loan One is 100% committed to your satisfaction. Check out our Why Loan One and Honest Lending pages, or give us a call to at 1-877-815-6261, to get to know us a little better.

I’m still shopping around for my mortgage lender.

When it comes to Loans and Mortgages we can’t be beat. Not only are Loan One’s rates some of the lowest in the industry, but we charge no application fee, and our closing fees are as low as your local bank’s. Of course, those are not the only things you should look at when applying for a mortgage. Loan One treats our customers with the respect they deserve and we won’t ignore your concerns. Our straight forward approach is designed to help you throughout every step of the mortgage application process.

Other Concerns

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