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“It all started with a query from Quicken Loans. I had refinanced with them in 2009 and was ready to re-fi again. I was quoted a rate of 3.75% which was a full 1.24% less than I was paying. I started the ball rolling and gave them a $400, non-refundable, deposit.

The following weekend I saw the rates in the Columbus Dispatch going down almost to 3%! As I have an excellent credit rating, I decided to call and check out the actual rate. I happily ended up with [my banker]. He did quite a bit of checking for me, even knowing that I had started things going with Quicken.

{my banker]found a rate of 3.25% with Fifth/Third Bank. [He] was very patient with me and my chronic disorganization as I slowly gathered everything he needed. The appraisal was arranged and I was happy to learn that my estimate of my home’s worth was off by only $4,000. The closing was arranged and my first payment on the new mortgage is May 1st.”

- E.C.
Columbus, Ohio

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