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Karielle Calim

“Thinking about refinancing made me very nervous. I was unsure of so many of the details, what will it cost to close, what are the terms I should be watchful of, who to trust, etc. I’m a person who does her homework, so I spoke to 5 different lenders. I kept coming back to  Loan One for a variety of reasons. I don’t know if it was [my mortgage banker’s] responsiveness, his attention to detail, his nature of taking me through every single step and being able to answer every single question I threw at him with ease and such poise…but all I know is that I kept coming back to Loan One, even though I’ve never heard of them before. We closed within 2 months and are saving at least $500 per month on our monthly payment. We couldn’t be happier, [my mortgage banker] was a dream to work with and I will gladly recommend his services.”

- Karielle Calim

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