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Ron H., Bright, IN

The following testimonial was shared with Loan One Lender, a division of The Union Bank Company, by radio station 55KRCI:

“I just wanted to let you know I have been listening to you for years. I have also been listening to your commercials for Suzette Losekamp and Loan One Mortgage.

I am left speechless tonight.

We just closed on a condo refinance loan. That is only 1 month and 5 days after I sent Suzette my first email introducing myself.

This process especially for a condo financing went smoothly and painlessly. Suzette even had our condo board treasurer and former treasurer singing her praises. In their words “That was the easiest Condo Questionnaire they have ever seen.” It was our current treasurer’s first one to have to fill out and the old treasurer offered to lend a hand.

We got an outstanding rate almost a 1/2 percentage less from a local large bank, and we don’t have to have auto pay to get that extra .25%!

My wife, Pam, and I know where we will go the next time we need to obtain any kind of mortgage, and I know where I will be sending others that are searching.

It has been a sincere pleasure working with Suzette and Amie this past month.


Ron H.
Bright, IN

- Ron H., Bright, IN

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