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Wasim S.

I am compelled to write about my recent experience with Steve Kantor and my refinancing of my home.

I have worked with many, many professionals in the past for all sorts of reason due to my career and personal experiences

I must tell you that without a shadow of a doubt, Steve Kantor ranks as one of the highest. His professionalism, his willingness to go above and beyond, his ability to continuously provide updates, his demeanor, his courtesy, his patience, his genuine willingness to help and his understanding of the industry and process makes Steve a true role model that any team member can look toward.

He has done for me EVERYTHING he set out to do, bringing my mortgage payments down to 20 years instead of 30, decreasing my interest rate, and overcoming hurdle after hurdle. I have worked with vendors, salespeople, and all sorts of professionals and few (and I mean few) make me write up a recommendation

I am truly indebted to Steve for everything he has done and although he has mentioned and declined my offer to send over something as a gesture of thanking him – if you can from my side share this with your team, I would appreciate at least a recognition for Steve within your organization for what he brings to the table and what team members can look towards for a step in the right direction for a great career in mortgage servicing.

As a Project Manager, Program Manager and someone in Commercial Banking – I value and respect greatly what Steve has done, so I want to say to you and to him. Thank You!

All and any references I get will always be sent to him going forward as a mortgage broker. Good luck to him, and thank you once again for all of his support and kindness.


Wasim S.
A very, very happy customer!

- Wasim S.

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