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Honest Lending

Because we understand what’s most important to you in a home mortgage lender

We get it. When it comes to purchasing your home, finding the best interest rate is a top priority.

You want to choose a home mortgage lender with experience, integrity and quality customer service, but ultimately, you’re going to choose the lender who offers the most competitive mortgage rates.

Choosing an honest lender may be more important than you think. The lender you choose can mean the difference between becoming a happy homeowner and becoming a disappointed shopper who missed out on the home of your dreams.

Luckily for you, Loan One, a division of The Union Bank Company, offers everything you need in a home mortgage lender. Just some of the ways we simplify the home loan process:

  • Offer only highly trained advisers
  • Highly competitive mortgage rates
  • Never an application fee
  • Faster loan process than traditional lenders and banks
  • National lender

Loan One offers the best of both worlds:  competitive mortgage rates you need, paired with honest lending you can trust.

We encourage you to shop around. We are confident you will realize honest lending is just as important as getting the lowest rates.